Elote Mexican Kitchen



Elote (the Mexican name for corn on the cob) is a simple concept with slow roasted meats, fresh ingredients and marvelous margaritas.  We wanted to make it quick and easy for the families that have crazy demands placed on them from their kids and the 1000 extra-curricular activities.  But, also a place for the neighbors to sit, relax and watch the games on 4 flat screens with white queso and black bean dip and a choice of 10 beers on tap.  Because of our "gluten free" following at Oliva, the entire menu is gluten free (with exception of flour tortillas) and we also have soy cheese and tofu sour cream for those that are lactose intolerant.  The decor is clean and modern (with no neon signs to flash in your face).  The walls are filled with the art work of Alfonso Huerta, a Mexican artist that lives in Austin and teaches at UT.  In short, we built a restaurant that we would hang out on a Sunday evening, and it is close to home, but worth the drive!


Cynthia and Justin



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